Aerial Fit

Aerial Fit is a unique exercise studio based in Castle Hill. They encourage their clients to step out of their comfort zone and get moving in different and effective ways. Aerial Fit offers classes to suit a broad range of fitness and skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Their classes include aerial, fly gym, barre, pilates and yoga.

We got to chat about what it's like to run Aerial Fit, how they created their studio culture and what's in store for the future. Have a read below:

Why was Aerial Fit Studio Established?

AerialFit was born out of a love both grounded and aerial exercise art forms. My business partner Rebekka used to visit two different studios to get her fitness fix, but didn’t feel a great sense of community at either. So, she decided in a ‘why can’t we have both’ moment to open a studio that combines pilates barre, yoga and aerial art forms. Most importantly, the studio is a place that is filled with people that build each other up, which she felt was missing in other studios. 

You have really unique class offering for your customers. Why did you decide to focus on aerial classes?

We decided to incorporate the aerial aspect because we want our clients to put the ‘fun’ aspect back into exercise. Being active doesn’t have to be monotonous anymore. We also believe that exercise is just as much about mental & emotional wellbeing as it is physical. We love seeing our clients conquer their fears and try things out of their comfort zones, all whilst reaping the physical benefits of inversions and low impact exercise. 

When did you begin aerial yoga? How did you get into it?

I first started aerial yoga when I sustained a back & neck injury about 4 years ago. I was teaching yoga at the time, and found that I doing most inversions gave me shooting nerve pain immediately. The beauty of aerial yoga is that you get to hang upside down and enjoy a total decompression of the spine. Since there’s no pressure on my upper thoracic spine, I find them pain free (and oh so relaxing!). 

What qualities do you think are important for Aerial Fit instructors to have?

We always hire based on our studio values. We need our staff to fit in like family! I look for people that bring positivity into everything that they do, that are constantly supporting everyone around them and go above and beyond for our clients. I search for stories, I want to hire people on all different stages in their wellness journey, but agree that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in wellbeing. 

Apart from exercise, how do you stay balanced while running a studio?

Well, I have a great team! That takes a lot of the stress out of it. I spend a lot of time reading/learning, personal growth is really important to me. I also make sure that I do a lot of fun things on the weekend. My partner has a van, which he has done up with a bed & fridge and all sorts of homey things. We like to go on weekend trips a lot, explore and have down time. It’s really nice :)

What’s the biggest challenge in operating Aerial Fit?

Getting the right team! It has been a challenge for us because your vibe attracts your tribe! When we didn’t have the right team, the environment at the studio wasn’t  as supportive. Now that we do, it is a place of love & light and I am so grateful for that. I take my time when hiring now, I get to know the person, not just look at experience. 

What’s the greatest reward?

Our clients have become family to me. The studio has been an important positive force for so many people, and knowing that this is their happy place makes my heart so full!

Why did you decide to stock MoveActive socks?

Besides the obvious benefits of being hygienic and safe in our classes, we loved the fun designs and versatility of them. We can actually use them in every single type of class we have (and we have so many!).

Where do you see Aerial Fit in five years?

Obviously the most important thing for me is making sure we have a long term, sustainable business. I’d love for us to be leaders in what we do, and for people to know us as being an authentic, accepting and positive community.

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