Body BE Good

Body BE Good was recently established when founder Emma Powell realised the lack of reformer pilates classes in Ballarat and wanted to fill the gap. Now the studio prides itself on their personal approach to meeting customers needs and spreading the philosophy that pilates IS for everyone. We got to chat to Emma about what the values of her studio and what it's like running Body BE Good.

Why was Body BE Good Established?

I've worked in the Physio/Pilates industry for almost 14 years, and I've seen what 'works' and what fails in a Pilates Studio. I was really keen to create a beautiful space where clients could come in, enjoy their Pilates workout, and feel fantastic when they leave. A personalised approach, focusing more on the client than 'numbers' and 'through put'. Clients are smart, they can tell if you are actually interested in helping them, or if you are just in it to try and make some money and pay your bills! 

How did you decide what classes you would offer?

As a physio, I have a lot of experience in Clinical Pilates, which takes a more individualised, rehabilitation approach to Pilates: each client has their own specific exercise program. This is a brilliant form of exercise therapy. However, in Ballarat, there was a gap in the market for Reformer Pilates classes to cater for the 'fit and well' population. So, in addition to our Clinical Pilates, we offer fantastic, challenging, and always varying Reformer Fitness classes, Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Strength & Balance Pilates, and Mat classes. 

When did you begin pilates? How did you get into it?

I was born with congenital spinal abnormalities, which means that lots of bones throughout my spine and pelvis are 'fused', or misshapen. This led me initially to an interest in the Physio profession, which I love. But in addition to manual therapy skills, I think Physios can really help their clients by giving them the knowledge and skills to 'exercise' their way back to health - and Pilates is the perfect way to do that!

What qualities do you think are important for Body BE Good instructors to have?

The key quality in a bodyBEgood instructor, is the passion and dedication to really want to help clients, and to enjoy their job! We have to be able to get our clients to work hard, but to always enjoy their workouts with us, and to love the time they spend in our gorgeous studio. I also think it's important to have a laugh with clients!

Apart from exercise, how do you stay balanced while running a studio?

Well, I am a Mum, with 2 little boys, aged almost 2 and 3. They keep me constantly entertained (constantly tired!), and very grounded! My husband, who works a full time job and then is a farmer on top of that, is super supportive, and we are lucky to have great parents who help us so much with all our responsibilities. 

What’s the biggest challenge in operating Body BE Good?

So far, the biggest challenge is scheduling enough classes to accommodate all of our brilliant and super keen clients!

What’s the greatest reward?

Working in the Physio/Pilates industry is rewarding every day - we are constantly helping people to improve their strength, their flexibility, their posture, and in turn, their self esteem. Being a part of that boost in a client's self confidence is a fantastic feeling!

Why did you decide to stock MoveActive socks?

I've worked in the Physio/Pilates industry for almost 14 years, and I've worn lots of different Pilates socks! I always found they had great grip at the start, but that this would fade after a few washes. And, the colour and print choices were rarely exciting! I was thrilled when I started using MoveActive, as the grip surfaces are such high quality, the prints are amazing, and it's great to be supporting another Victorian business. And, the feedback from clients who purchase MoveActive socks is always really positive. 

Where do you see Body BE Good in five years?

In 5 years, I hope that bodyBEgood has welcomed more passionate and dedicated Physios and Pilates Instructors to the team, so that we can provide brilliant classes to our customers at all times of day. We would love to offer classes specifically for school aged people, as well as for the over 65s, as we know how life changing Pilates can be for people of all ages!