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Pilates & Co is a fantastic and well rounded Pilates studio based in Miami, Queensland. They have a holistic approach and creatively keep their members engaged and improving. They offer free wellness workshops each month, and a variety of classes tailored to their members preferences. They are exist to help people feel better and move better and are focused on client results.

Check out our interview with them below:

Why was Pilates & Co. established?

Studio owners Roz and Dave have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. They loved the results that Pilates brought them so much that they opened Pilates & Co combining reformer Pilates with functional training classes so that members achieve a holistic approach to their fitness to get the best results possible. 

What makes you different from other pilates studios in Australia?

We are large enough to have an amazing group of members but small enough to retain that personal touch - you’re not a number at Pilates & Co! It’s important to us that we support our members so we hold free monthly wellness workshop for a swag of topics so that our little community can meet up and learn more about health and wellness. 

How did you decide which classes you would offer? What’s the most popular class?

When we opened, we offered a larger variety of classes but found our clientele loved reformer Pilates sessions and our met.con sessions the most. We have since refined our timetable to give our members more of what they love.

What qualities do you think are important for a pilates instructor to have?

You need so much more than anatomical and biomechanical knowledge to be a great instructor. We look for instructors who really care about you and want to help you to achieve the best results possible. They need to be approachable, adaptable and engaging! Our instructors all teach very differently from each other however they all have the qualities we look for to be amazing instructors.

Apart from pilates how do you stay balanced while running a business?

I believe attitude is the most important thing. When you truly love what you do, it’s not a chore to work! I like to have fun while I’m working whether it be catching up with clients, teaching or tidying up the studio. 

What’s the biggest challenge about running a fitness and pilates studio?

As we believe in the importance of combining cardio sessions with Pilates reformer sessions it can be a challenge to convince the “Pilates peeps” to get their dose of cardio and the “Cardio peeps” to get their dose of Pilates. Our other main challenge is space, we would so love to provide more met.con sessions and more small group reformer sessions.

What’s the biggest reward?

The results our clients achieve is the only reward we need. When clients tell you that they feel better than they’ve felt their whole lives and they attribute it to our studio…how amazing is that!? That’s why we do what we do, to assist others to feel better and move better.

Where do you see Pilates & Co. in 5 years?

Maintaining our long term community business is so important to us, evolving with the fitness industry along the way and always providing the very best workouts for our clients.

We’d also love to continue getting better and bigger! A bigger location to provide our members with even more classes would be amazing, with dedicated reformer and functional training rooms. In the next year we’re working on becoming a PAA certified studio which is exciting.

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