Introducing MoveActive x Pilates Project. This exclusive collection features three classic low-rise and three crew styles in Fuchsia, Dahlia and Lilac. Inspired by self-love and embracing your body, each piece blends style with comfort and performance. Elevate your workout and embrace the joy of loving your body whilst living with purpose.

We worked with Maghan from Pilates Project, an online Pilates and movement platform, to create a vibrant collection of Grip Socks that empower self-love and confidence as you more through your fitness journey.

At the heart of the MoveActive x Pilates Project collection lies a powerful message of self-love and body positivity featured on The Self Love Crew Grip Sock - 'Live in a body you love'.

Learn more about Maghan, her journey in the pilates industry that led her to creating the Pilate Project app and her inspiration behind the designs of the MoveActive x Pilates Project collection, in our Q&A Blog.

The collection features subtle heart motifs, along with a palette of pinks and purples that resonate with the core message of the collection - self-love and empowerment.

The clean lines of the stripes perfectly complement the active nature of pilates, yoga or barre practice, evoking a sense of energy and motion.