'Meet the MoveActive Ambassadors' - Gracie Browne

Home Town: Melbourne, VIC

Profession: Reformer and Mat Pilates Instructor

Instagram handle@gracie.pilates

We are so excited to have you part of our Ambassador team! Tell us a little about yourself?

I have a background in Musical Theatre - acting, singing and dancing! After studying Musical Theatre full-time for 3 years I fell in love with practising Pilates and knew instructing would be a great fit for me as it intertwined with theatre and performing so well!
Now after over a year of instructing I fall in love with it more and more every day. You’ll see me across various studios across Melbourne - CorePlus Preston, CorePlus Richmond and Joyful Pilates - they keep me very busy which I’m very grateful for.
Aside from Pilates and Performing I adore travelling, testing out cafes and restaurants and going to the theatre!
I also have a beautiful puppy called Toffee who can’t be left unmentioned.

Favourite form of exercise? 

Why, Pilates of course! It’s just gotta be. The burn, endorphins and fun of Pilates is like no other! There’s always something new to learn and experiment with which keeps things interesting and exciting. I enjoy the creative sequencing and exploring the technique - it's almost like dancing... which is also one of my favourite ways to exercise!

What does movement mean to you? How do you apply this to the way you teach?

Movement should be fun. I use movement as a form of therapy in a way. An hour just to zone out from the world and zone in to the room and my body to release all those happy endorphins!
I try to make all of my classes as fun as possible. Adding cheeky jokes along the way I’ll make you feel the burn but have a great time doing it. The “smiling assassin” I’ve often been called!
I always like to end a class by asking clients to give themselves one compliment for the class - it could be anything big or small but I want you to take time to acknowledge your hard work and give yourself a little pat on the back for it. I want you to leave class feeling good about you, with a smile on your dial!

Tell us why you love MoveActive?  

The MoveActive accessories have always had my favourite styles and it’s a bonus that the team are so supportive and great to work with!
A Melbourne based business with the best Pilates accessories that gives back to the community through donations from every purchase… what’s not to love?!

Do you have a favourite pair?  

I love love LOVE the Crew Grip Socks. Especially in winter - no cold ankles thank-you very much.

What will you bring to being a MoveActive Ambassador?  

I’ll bring the dad jokes and the good vibes. I hope to bring a sense of fun to the team... I don’t like to take myself too seriously and I’ll encourage you to do the same.