Meet 'Pilates Collective'

Where is your lovely studio 'Pilates Collective' located?

We actually have 2 Pilates Collective locations on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest!

How long have each of your studios been operating? Tell us about them..

Our studios are owned and operated by 2 female entrepreneurs, Melody Ward and Nicole Falso. Pilates Collective Langley is our original location. It has been open since 2003, serving the small but special community of Whidbey Island. We just opened our second location in the town of Freeland in late 2019 and are so excited about our new space and ability to offer even more classes to our lovely clients. We pride ourselves in providing an experience you'd expect from a studio in a big city, on our small island.

The 'Empowered Pilates Educational Retreats' look great, how popular are they?

Creating our first Empowered Pilates Educational Retreat was an intense labor of love. Our first was in Palm Springs this January where we had 12 participants join us to become certified Mat Pilates Instructors. It was a huge success and we are already planning our next training. It was truly an empowering experience for all involved.

How does a typical day look for you at your studio?

Our studios are busy in the mornings with classes and Private Training. Our instructors are fun and friendly and approach their teaching with experience and a light heart. Our clients are amazing and friendly with each other creating this supportive community for themselves and many have developed close friendships. Natural light spills into the studio keeping the space light and bright even on the rainy days (which are very common). We laugh a lot and take care of each other.

Tell us about the different Pilates classes that your offer?

We offer Reformer Pilates classes at various levels, Barre, Mat Pilates, and TRX classes. We also do a lot of Private and semi-private sessions. Our Reformer classes are the most popular. We like to make them fun, challenging, and sneak in a variety of exercises to keep our clients guessing. 

Do you find Pilates is more popular at certain times of the year?

We have a large population of clients with summer homes so our studios are busy in the summer months. But thankfully, Pilates is popular year round! 

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting to explore Pilates?

Give it some time. Pilates is meant to make you feel strong, energized, and flexible. Joseph Pilates said that in 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body. So don't give up before you take those 30 sessions. I'd bet you become addicted before then. If you have tried Pilates but did not like your experience, keep trying other styles and instructors until you find something that excites you! 

Do you have any special offers at the moment?

We always offer a FREE FUNdamentals class 2-3 times per week for those who are new to Pilates! 

How would you describe your studios in three words?

Fun, Supportive, Contemporary

Are there any big plans for Pilates Collective in the next 5 years?

We would love to grow our studio to 3 or 4 locations within the next 5 years! We also want to provide training, well-paying jobs and direction for young people in our community. More retreats and Empowered Educational Retreats!