Introducing our latest collection of 70s-inspired grip socks designed in collaboration with Pilates industry leader, Lucy Beaumont. These grip socks are a stylish nod to a time when fitness and self-expression were intertwined. 

We asked Lucy to share her inspiration for this collection and her journey so far as the owner of Scout Pilates.

Where did you draw inspiration for this new collection you’ve co-designed with us?

The 70s! A bit sporty, a touch psychedelic and a lot of fun! 

What inspired you to open Scout Pilates and tell us about the business journey so far

After a stint in NYC teaching, my eyes were opened to the kind of spaces and community that could be created in studios - something that I felt was really lacking from most of the Sydney studios I had attended and instructed at. When I returned to Sydney I was inspired to create a Pilates and Yoga studio that was really inclusive and community minded with great classes in a really beautiful space. 


What is the ethos of Scout and what makes it differ from other studios?

 Haha we are not about creating 'long lean muscles' (something you cannot do anyway)!  We are about moving your body any way that feels good to you which will have a positive impact on your physical AND mental health. We are about having fun, connecting and learning! 


What’s your favourite form of movement and why?

Ohh I like to mix it up! Sometimes it's a killer Pilates class, sometimes it's restorative yoga and very often it's a meditative walk with my dog Ollie in the park. I think it's so important to listen to your body in regards to movement.


Tell us about your morning routine

At the moment it's a 6am alarm and to our new studio in Marrickville by 7am to work on the fit out of the new space. Sunscreen and a coffee is about all I have time for but I am excited for a few slower mornings now that we're open (maybe a snooze and some eggs on toast??)! 


Talk us through a day in your life

No day is a normal one in the life of a business owner! Usually it's an early-ish start depending on the day (after many years of early starts I try to start my day at a semi-reasonable time) . A coffee - either aero-press at home or a strong FW out at one of the many excellent hot spots around the Inner West. I often then teach a private session or two, check in with my management team (who honestly run the whole show - couldn't do it without them), then it's a lot of emails and admin, maybe squeezing in a class if I'm lucky! As my days start early I love to finish my day (ideally) around 4pm and then go for a walk or the beach with my dog and my partner for some fresh air and nature. Usually a homemade dinner during the week and a chilled evening - if I can squeeze in a bath - even better! 


Why should people get into Pilates?

Because it really is for everyone! Low impact, great for mobility, flexibility, rehab, bone strength, coordination, mental wellbeing and it's really fun! It can be modified for everyone and taught in a group or individual setting. It's just THE BEST!