Eco Pilates Hygiene Mat - Flamingos


Roll out this stylish mat for your reformer for a hygienic and stylish session. 

Machine washable this mat is made from a stunning micro-fibre suede top, fused to 100% biodegradable tree rubber. Each mat comes with a carry pouch to easily fit all your work out essentials - socks, sweat towel, pilates mat! 

Biodegradable. UV-resistant. PVC, latex and chloride free. 

Perfectly fits the Balanced Body Allegro and Allegro 2


.500g in weight 1.2mm thick 98cm long  56cm wide Neck 27cm Long 21cm wide

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Margaret McHugh
Laying down with flamingos !

Loved it. No lumpy towel to slip and slide around on the reformer. Perfect fit, very stylish. I doubt it improved my performance but it sure looked good!


Fantastic, clean, colourful, perfect for sanitizer...will be back for more in time. Very comfortable to lay on and very secure for standing work on the Reformer!

Sarah Dower
Great mat.

Love that this fits just right over the top of the reformer. So much more comfortable than just lying on the bare vinyl on the top of the reformer.

annie smith
Hygiene mat

Loved it! Tried it with a couple of clients (easy to clean between clients) they loved it also. Will certainly get some more.


Nothing wrong with the mat - but clients decided it wouldnt be worth spending that amount of money as you still needed to disinfect machine AND the mat when moved to different equipment in class. It also doesnt quite cover our shoulder and head rest so again still need to disinfect I also expected it to be a bit thicker BUT it didnt slip

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